Summer with children: the importance of water consumption

We end week with a recommendation that can not be overlooked in Summer: the importance of water consumption.

Why is it so important that small drink enough water, especially in summer? Because heat increases the body temperature, which is regulated by the sweat. When children (and adults) sudan remove water through the pores, therefore it is necessary to replenish the loss avoid dehydration.

Dehydration is the excessive loss of body fluids. Babies and young children are more likely to suffer because the percentage of body water is greater and balance is weaker. They are still maturing regulatory centers thirst, and they have greater difficulty in coping with the need for water.

So, It's fundamental constantly hydrated mantenerlos, even before they are thirsty, because you feel thirsty is a sign that the concentration of body fluids is already abnormal. Between a one and two percent of body water already lost when we feel the need to drink water.

Drinking water, the concentration of minerals in the blood returns to normal. Water is an indispensable component in all body tissues, the human body is composed of a 70 percent water, between 85 Y 95 percent in the case of babies, therefore we must always keep them healthy hydration levels.

How much water should take a child

The daily amount of water that a child should drink is between 50-60 ml per kilo of weight, ie half a liter of water for a baby 10 kilos, for example.

The speed with which children lose water, ration is proportionally higher than the recommended adult, who are advised to drink 35 ml per kilo of weight, between 8 Y 10 daily glasses.

To maintain adequate hydration, experts recommend to water, juice or milk every two hours children between 0 Y 3 years ago..


The importance of water

Summer is especially important in water consumption because it's hot and lose fluids more easily, but the water It is not only necessary to quench the thirst, but it has a vital role in children's diet and in the functioning of the human body.

Involved in the physiological processes of digestion, facilitándola, why it is so important to avoid constipation, a fairly common condition among the smallest.

further, water in the blood helps transport nutrients and energy to our body. Water is also responsible for filtering waste products from the cells, which they are then eliminated through urine.

It helps regulate body temperature, thanks to her proper body temperature is maintained through complex mechanisms such as evaporation and sweating.

Breastfed babies do not need extra water

It is very common offering water to breastfed babies, Nevertheless not to give them water.

Breast milk is composed of a 88 percent water, and itself, offered on demand, meets all the nutritional needs of infants under six months is exclusively breastfed.

For infants older than six months who are breastfed and complementary feeding has begun, Nor is it necessary to give them water, since breast milk, together with the liquid from fruits and vegetables it is enough to meet the daily needs.

Identify symptoms of dehydration

Beginning in about, the baby can tell us “Water” or later “I'm thirsty”, but as we said before it is advisable to provide water every two hours to ensure that water supplies are covered body.

Anyway, it is interesting to recognize the symptoms of dehydration to act accordingly. In dehydrated children we can see:

  • Loss of around 5% of weight for no apparent reason.
  • sunken soft spots.
  • less frequent urination and dark.
  • very dry and hard stools.
  • very dry, pale skin, sunken eyes and dry mouth.
  • general fatigue.

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