How to protect your baby from heat in summer

Our baby will spend big in their first summer, if we take some precautions to keep you comfortable both on the street and at home. Sunburn, heatstroke and dehydration are common accidents that we can avoid.

A maxim that is always worth: Do not entertain the baby more than you abrigarías you.

The little boy feels the temperature like adults. If summer the mother is heated, so is the baby. It is not a good idea shelter you just in case: excess heat can cause sudamina, skin rash that is caused by the blockage of sweat glands or, in the worst case, a heatstroke.

In the newborn we can notice hands and cold feet, but that does not indicate who is intemperate; Conversely, the Sweating in the neck or head It is a sign that is hot.

If wet clothes, must change (should always carry a change of spare). yes, night should sleep at least covered with the sheet.

Temperature and air conditioning at home with the baby

The child will feel comfortable with a ambient temperature 20 the 22 ° C. In hot areas, the house can be cooled with air conditioner, bien sea encendiendo y apagando el aparato de forma intermitente o manteniéndolo encendido en las horas de más calor a una temperatura uniforme.

Do not put the baby under air stream or leave the power on at night in the room where rests the small. For avoid extreme drynessproducing the cooling system must be ventilated house and, if required,Turn on the humidifier a ratos. On the contrary, dry air irritate the airways child.

Rides in summer: only by shade

A quarter hour walk outdoors gives the baby all the vitamin D that your body needs to avoid rickets.

The best times to be outdoors are early morning or late afternoon, when the heat and intensity of solar radiation are declining.

Although the temperature is mild, the child must be protected by a umbrella and onevisored cap or fedora.


Beware the sun

Avoiding the sun is the message. The baby has very sensitive skin, an exhibition however brief may make first-degree burn.

In the first six months it is contraindicated protect your skin with sunscreen for allergy risk, from this age you should not go outside without a children's cream with a high factor.


Offer him water, Also if you take the breast

In summer there is to offer water to the baby between feedings; If rejected, It should not insist because it is a sign that does not need. Breastfed babies usually take less water than bottle-fed, but, watch out, They can ask in very hot environments.


Beat the heat in the car

During car trips it is advisable ventilar el interior del vehículo occasionally opening the windows and make rest stops in shady areas. The air conditioning dries the mucous membranes of the airways, we must be careful to disconnect water at times and offer the child.

You should never leave the baby in the car, even if it is in the shade and only for a short time. In recent years there have been several deaths of young children inside a car heatstroke O dehydration.

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