Top 10 best beaches for children in Spain

If you live in Spain, lucky enough to enjoy incredible beaches at any time of year. But not all beaches in Spain are suitable to visit with children, either by the type of access, surf, sea ​​level, and other aspects which catalog dangerous.

When you go on vacation, your goal is to get away from it, have fun and relax with people who want. Because, If you're traveling with children, It's important to put attention on, so that everything runs smoothly, the chosen destination must be adapted to them and, especially, thinking about your tranquilidad.Toalla, swimsuit, protector solar, Cube, shovels and really looking forward to is all that you need to visit 10 best beaches for children in Spain.

1. Bologna beach, Tarifa - Cádiz

It is a virgin beach located in southern Spain and with otherworldly beauty. The most characteristic feature of this beach is a large dune that reaches the sea. Definitely, one planazo to do with children is up to the dune and play. further, It is not a busy beach due to its huge dimensions.

2. Playa de Comillas, Cantabria

Northern Spain is one of the greatest jewels of the peninsula, so you could not miss a Cantabrian beach on the list. The beach has a gentle surf quotes, perfect for your children to play and have fun, always under your supervision. further, It has the status of blue flag beach and is considered one of the best in the Cantabrian community.

3. Maspalomas Beach, Gran Canaria

This beach located south of the island of Gran Canaria can be visited at any time of year. Its enormous dimensions, almost two kilometers, They make it a perfect space for children to play and run at home. Its amazing dunes will be the favorite place to create new adventures for your children. They can also enjoy a show for your eyes, since it is a favorite surfing spot, windsurf and kitesurf.

4. North beach, Peñíscola - Castellón

The Valencia can boast of being the place with the most blue flags on its beaches in Spain. Specifically on this beach Blue Flag is renewed each year. It is perfect to go with children not only by this condition, promenade is perfect to play and also can get an excursion to the impressive castle of Papa Luna.

5. Playa de la Misericordia, Málaga

It is one of the best beaches for families to enjoy. One of its strengths is the easy access to it on foot or by bus or car, It is an urban beach. further, There are playgrounds and the sea is always calm. But beware! late in the day, the passage of the ship makes the route between Malaga-Melilla passes its path causing a small tsunami that will soak you if you are not careful. And you can enjoy the cinema summer outdoor program dedicated to younger audience.

6. Cambrils Beach, Tarragona

It is a quiet beach on the Costa Dorada, located near Port Aventura. The Catalan government itself has classified as a Family Tourism Destination, granting it a seal of quality. The water is calm and shallow for the kids to enjoy safely under your supervision.

7. Playa de la Concha, Oropesa del Mar - Castellón.

It is the most classic to go on family characteristics. It is an urban beach, shaped bay, gentle surf and shallow, plus warm temperature that characterizes the lift. Throughout the 700 meters that are no playgrounds and recreational activities organized summer season, as the International Festival of Puppetry, where children are having great time.

8. Playa Poo, Llanes - Asturias

Can you imagine a sea without waves? This beach is by quirk of nature. 150 meters long characterized this sandy beach and salt water, but no waves. And it has all kinds of security services, as parking, surveillance, showers and put health care. The charming town of Llanes is just 2 km away for an excursion.

9. Playa de Alcudia, Mallorca

Besides being the largest beach in the Balearic Islands with more than 7 km of white sand, It is one of the safest in the shallow waters. It has all kinds of services, plus leisure activities such as water sports, sailboat rentals or catamarans.

10. Fluvial beach of A Calzada, Galicia

This fluvial beach has the merit of having Blue Flag, thanks to the beautiful setting in which it is located. It looks more like a river dam stones, the birch forest that surrounds it and its crystalline waters. further, It has a separate area for adults kids area, even for pets. There is a playground, one Biosalud park and even a picnic area.

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