Summer walks: How to protect your baby from heat

Go out with our baby is one of the most beneficial activities you can do for both small, and us. Walk while our little known and explores its environment is very enriching, and is Also possible hacerlo in verano, despite the heat, following a few recommendations.

The first thing is avoid going out in the middle of the day if it is hot. It is much better for a walk early in the morning or late in the day, and if it can be in a cool place (near a river, Sea or simply the shadow), better. Sounds of nature, Besides, tease our baby while relaxing with the ride.


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Summer with children: the importance of water consumption

We end week with a recommendation that can not be overlooked in Summer: the importance of water consumption.

Why is it so important that small drink enough water, especially in summer? Because heat increases the body temperature, which is regulated by the sweat. When children (and adults) sudan remove water through the pores, therefore it is necessary to replenish the loss avoid dehydration.

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Top 10 best beaches for children in Spain

If you live in Spain, lucky enough to enjoy incredible beaches at any time of year. But not all beaches in Spain are suitable to visit with children, either by the type of access, surf, sea ​​level, and other aspects which catalog dangerous.

When you go on vacation, your goal is to get away from it, have fun and relax with people who want. Because, If you're traveling with children, It's important to put attention on, so that everything runs smoothly, the chosen destination must be adapted to them and, especially, thinking about your tranquilidad.Toalla, swimsuit, protector solar, Cube, shovels and really looking forward to is all that you need to visit 10 best beaches for children in Spain.

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When bathing the baby for the first time at the pool or in the sea?

Finally summer is here, the first summer of your baby. If you are new parents you will be looking forward to the time to bathe for the first time your baby in the pool or in the sea.

One of the questions that we have done on the issue is When you can bathe the baby for the first time at the pool or in the sea. So, Babies and has made a publication answer all questions.

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How to protect your baby from heat in summer

Our baby will spend big in their first summer, if we take some precautions to keep you comfortable both on the street and at home. Sunburn, heatstroke and dehydration are common accidents that we can avoid.

A maxim that is always worth: Do not entertain the baby more than you abrigarías you.

The little boy feels the temperature like adults. If summer the mother is heated, so is the baby. It is not a good idea shelter you just in case: excess heat can cause sudamina, skin rash that is caused by the blockage of sweat glands or, in the worst case, a heatstroke.

In the newborn we can notice hands and cold feet, but that does not indicate who is intemperate; Conversely, the Sweating in the neck or head It is a sign that is hot.

If wet clothes, must change (should always carry a change of spare). yes, night should sleep at least covered with the sheet.

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