The Dalsy syrup remains safe.

According to pediatricians, Dalsy syrup remains safe for children.


The day 19 April was published the news that ibuprofen syrup Dalsy 20 mg / ml may be omitted in some side effects prospect, following a complaint. Specifically refers to a sunset yellow food coloring called E-110, that inadequate doses is related to effects on motor skills and attention of children.

As expected, and since almost all households with small children there is a bottle in the medicine cabinet Dalsy, It is a story of great concern to parents. It is therefore important to know the opinion of experts in this matter. Is it a danger to our children? Pediatricians consider the news is alarmist and ensure that the Dalsy poses no risk and remains safe for children.

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Strategies to prevent children from getting sick.

Lately we are cold and / or flu because this time “bipolar”.

We want to share with you the article by babies and which lists a number of recommendations to avoid regarding smaller / as house. (Based on the list created by Dr.. Panel Shroff, specialist in family medicine at the Medical Center at University Hospitals of Cleveland).

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