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Sunburn is a burn of the skin caused by excessive exposure to ultraviolet rays. 🌞☄

distinguished 2 degree burns:

  • The first degree burn is caused by dilation of superficial blood vessels: when pressed, redness temporarily disappears.
  • The second degree burn is, Conversely, alarming, It corresponds to the appearance of blisters filled with a transparent liquid and surrounded by a red area.


Prolonged and unprotected exposure to sunlight adapted to sunlight can cause severe damage, tanto a corto como a largo plazo.

There is also the risk of fever, as well as dizziness or vision problems.

✅ Soluciones ✅

If the sunburn is mild, coloque una compresa de agua fría sobre la quemadura y aplique una crema adecuada.

If the burn is large and causes blisters, do not risk and call your pediatrician or family doctor.

📝 Consejos 📝

Proteja su piel con productos de protección solar de alto índice (SPF 50 +).

Evite salir en las horas donde los rayos del sol son más agresivos (entre las 11:00 y las 16:00).

Después del baño, secar al bebé y darle protector solar.

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