Summer walks: How to protect your baby from heat

Go out with our baby is one of the most beneficial activities you can do for both small, and us. Walk while our little known and explores its environment is very enriching, and is Also possible hacerlo in verano, despite the heat, following a few recommendations.

The first thing is avoid going out in the middle of the day if it is hot. It is much better for a walk early in the morning or late in the day, and if it can be in a cool place (near a river, Sea or simply the shadow), better. Sounds of nature, Besides, tease our baby while relaxing with the ride.


Avoid direct sun exposure

During the first year, It is essential avoid being in direct sunlight Y, later, we protect with high protection cream, a hat that covers your head and sunglasses age appropriate.

we must not forget either carry mineral water always on hand with us to hydrate our baby and offer it often to avoid heatstroke.

It is also important to dress the child with light and fresh clothes, cotton or linen. We can leave legs and feet bare if it is hot, but keeping an eye on that are not very exposed to the sun.

Do not worry if you see your baby a little sweaty: until the 18 or 20 months babies have the immature body thermoregulation system, which means you can stay cold in a minute or sweat too much. If this happens, You can refresh your baby carefully, pouring water or wet towel. The important thing is to avoid sudden temperature changes and run the air conditioning at full power.

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A rickshaw well equipped

If we walk in cart, is a good idea to have a gauzy muslin close, if we have to cover the baby at the end of the day without giving more heat. This garment can also come in handy to give more shade if needed (but beware, always completely uncovered Cart, to let pass the air), or as a blanket on which to knock him or support him if we make a break in the park or in the garden. If we mosquito net for our chair, It is a good idea to use these rides.

To prevent the sun shine directly can also use an umbrella or protect it with the hood of the cart, an aspect we have to keep in mind when buying the stroller for our baby. We will have to play with them according to the different positions of the sun during our walk.

Carry spare clothes, bib, diapers, wipes, fabric changer, pacifiers and a toy It will make us feel safer to spend hours away from home.

With this set of recommendations we can enjoy pleasant and beneficial walks with our baby also in summer.

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