With the approval yesterday of State Budget 2018 It has given the green light to increase in a week permit Paternal low, What's up four to five weeks.

This is the investiture agreement reached by Mariano Rajoy PP and Citizens in which an initial increase requested for 2017 so parents had low four weeks for the birth of a child. This period should be extended at the rate of one week per year, so now this permission arrives at five weeks.

A five-month delay

The extension to five weeks of paternity leave I should have entered into force 1 of January of 2018, as it included according to Citizens. Nevertheless, He had to wait for the approval of the State Budget. Now the government will have to announce when it will enter into force.

Among the amendments to the PGE agreed with the other political parties is one of Unidos Podemos that benefits officials: They can use their five-week consider how best. In this way, the restriction that was imposed these days off have to be taken simultaneously with those of the mother is removed.

Equating permits

All steps taken in conciliation are well received, but the debate over whether maternity and paternity are sufficient remains open despite the improvement of the latter (He has spent two days in 2007 the current five weeks).

In fact, the demand for equality between maternity and paternity It has already reached the Constitutional Court, That will study if it is discriminatory parents to enjoy four weeks (are now five) against the 16 Mothers.

The extension of paternity leave to five weeks, good news that soon will benefit new parents, while still demanding more measures to enable reconciling work and family life.

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