Baby summer. 23 questions and answers.


Summer carries risks for a baby, as it is much more sensitive to high temperatures, ? to the sun, to changes in routines, to chlorine in pools,? to drafts…

Know the answers to all your questions.

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Can you get a baby to the beach?

It is not advisable us bring not meet until six months. Then you can go (Best in sun peak hours), but under the umbrella mantengámosle.

Would you bathe naked hurts?

No, If we dry it well after, without neglecting the folds. Before, Of course, we will have clarified. The pool chlorine and sea salt can irritate your thin skin.

Will they be in danger their ears?

It is preferable not to wet your ears, especially if there is a history of otitis. If we are to do, We never introduce her head sharply in the water and carefully Let's dry your ears after each bath.

How will we know if you have hot or cold?

Except babies a few weeks, While not yet regulate the body temperature, children feel more or less the same heat than adults. So we not cover him with layers and layers of clothes 'just in case cools': only get that overwhelms, sweat and skin irritations suffer.

If it's too hot, refresquémosle with a wet sponge and, once dry, let him hang out with the air culito. yes, do this indoors, in a place where no current.

Would you apply moisturizing milk?

Yes, will come in handy. In summer the baby skin needs extra hydration. After the ride or having been a while in the pool or on the beach (the dry skin water) It is highly recommended to apply moisturizer all over the body. If fluid, best, it will be absorbed before and leave with a feeling our little nippy.

Should we protect you from mosquitoes?

In some areas the mosquitoes proliferate, ants, bees… Children are more likely to be attacked by these insects, because they feel attracted to them. They can even catch them (and even eat them). The bites, unless the child is allergic, usually not dangerous, but annoying. So we should take action if we are in a region of humid and warm, near a river or lake… One of the best options to protect the bites It is to place a mesh not miss insects. Childcare in stores can be purchased adaptable mosquito nets to the cradle.
On excursions, should be dressed in long sleeves and pants to her ankles. To keep you cool, choose light fabrics and light colors.

The lotions and sprays can be used to ward off insects, but we must ensure that they are suitable for the child's age (ask your pediatrician) and do not apply them in the hands or feet because the baby could suck. Electric insecticide in principle are innocuous, They leave no odor and effectively protect against mosquitoes.

Can you swim in the sea or pool?

Yes, if the temperature is suitable. The water should be warm and we slowly introduce, wetting the hands first, feet and neck. We can create a kind of game with this ritual. Once you lost the initial fear, you will love. After the bath is very important that we clarify, Let's dry it thoroughly and quickly change swimsuit.

Are we using your stroller mochilita?

If the day is hot is preferable to take in her stroller or sitting in the chair with an umbrella that sun protection. more free and cool You will find that with thebackpack carrier. These backpacks fabric wraps almost entirely the child, also stuck to our body travels, and this also gives off a heat too overwhelming for anyone, and much more for such a small child.

Prevent diaper rash

It affects a 10% babies and in most cases is caused by contact with feces and urine and the presence of high humidity. In summer, so, We try the child to overheat and sweat as little as possible. For it, let him whenever we can with air culito. further, to prevent diaper rash, we must exercise extreme hygiene, use mild soap and talcum not apply. If the area becomes infected we must go to the pediatrician.

Air conditioner, Yes or no?

stiflingly hot ago, but we: Is the air conditioning will not be too aggressive for baby? It does not have to connect if we take advantage when he's not. Once the room has cooled enough (some 20 degrees is fine) we can take the child there, to thank the fresquito. In any case, We must never expose it to the air jet directly or subject to sudden changes in temperature: babies are very susceptible to thermal variations.

Can we teach him to swim as soon?

No, but we can teach you to become familiar with water. It's very positive because it helps develop their motor skills while playing. swimming involves, how to walk, a learning process that requires a neurological maturation that does not have.

To what age can travel?

From fifteen or twenty days, but keep in mind that it is still very small and not well stand long journeys. Although we go to a nearby location, you have to make frequent stops and monitor hydrated, which is not cooled and which has much heat. It is normal to show something irritable to us to settle in the new destination.

Is it normal to have less appetite?

As we, Sometimes the heat reduces him some appetite. Let's try, However, to make your shots more or less cool and always at the same time. Often the changes are those who fret and keep you from eating quietly. In any case, if it takes a while no appetite, it is wise to consult your pediatrician.

Does breast milk changes with the heat? Did you note?

If it's really hot, lack of hydration can cause breast milk concentrate and exit slightly less liquid. But the baby will not notice if Mom worries about drinking enough and kept hydrated. Your milk quickly recover the usual consistency.

What environment has to be at home bedtime?

Ideally, the temperature twenty degrees ronde. To make it, we can lower the blinds during the hours when the sun's heat. And do not forget to ventilate the house, whenever we place the child away from the current. For sleeping, a bodysuit cotton and a simple Sabanita be enough. Cunita change the site if your room temperature is too high.

Do I have to give more water?

Babies can easily dehydrate, so it's good to offer liquid with some frequency, yes, in small doses. Water, However, the booking to the mayorcitos. For infants milk is better.

Can we change their routines, even for a few days?

The babies They need some order to feel calm, but need not exaggerate. Nevertheless, whether to keep, as far as possible, habits to which the child is accustomed (if we go on vacation, to place his crib in the same orientation as the house, let's get your favorite teddy or pillow, etc.) further, it may require a little more attention from us. If you notice changes that are occurring around you you will feel insecure and seek, logically, greater parental care, mostly concerning.

¿We cool a little bath water?

We can reduce the temperature to 33 from 34 degrees if the environment is too hot and the child likes.

Is it advisable to change their nap time if the heat is?

The important thing is to be comfortable and sleep in a cool place. If you do not want to sleep by heat, nothing happens. Napping should not become an obligation. Let himself show us what is the best time to sleep.

Can I give you the cold bibe?

It is most suitable for digestion, nor will remove more thirst. If it's very hot, Ideally, take it at room temperature.

Can you eat ice cream if over 10 months?

¡The encantan! And they can take them, even in small doses. Let's make sure before there is food intolerance to any of its ingredients. That will tell the pediatrician.

Mineral water?

If we travel, water exchange may affect the intestinal flora and cause diarrhea child. A good solution is to give mineral water for the duration of our stay away from home.

¿Parent-child Strengthening the link?

Summer is a good time to strengthen the bond that unites us to our children (we have more time and are more relaxed). Let us use these days to enjoy good times with them.

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