The addictive smell of babies!

This delicious aroma active terminals dopamine in the brain, a neurotransmitter associated with reward and pleasure. The maternal instinct is absolutely real!

Definitely, newborn babies bring us endless positives: explosions of affection and tenderness, beautiful responsibility of being a parent, generating an eternal bond with the baby and show what life. But one of the things that you enjoy is your unmistakable smell, which you can make us pretty addicted. And no kidding, since there is a study that says.

Research published in the journal Frontiers in Psychology It took a study group consisting of 30 women, which it was half mother and half not. The study focused on the brain activity of these women to experience different smells; When it was time to smell a baby's pajamas, the brain indicated a particular activity. While several of these women did not recognize the smell of the first, generally they commented that it was a very pleasant smell.

The issue is that this smell triggered an increase in dopamine in a brain region, related bonus. This type of reaction also occurs after eating a delicious meal, have satisfying sex or drugs, according to the study. This mechanism has control over us, because it causes "a motivation to act in a certain way, given the pleasure associated with a particular behavior '.


Si bien todas las mujeres del estudio reaccionaron al olor del pijama del recién nacido, las madres tuvieron una reacción mucho más potente que las que aún no lo son; esto explicaría el apego incondicional y el instinto que tienen las mujeres madres con sus bebés. Sin embargo, los investigadores del estudio no saben explicar si las madres recientes sufren cambios hormonales que gatillen este alza de dopamina, o si su reacción es derivada directamente del olor de su bebé.

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