When bathing the baby for the first time at the pool or in the sea?

Finally summer is here, the first summer of your baby. If you are new parents you will be looking forward to the time to bathe for the first time your baby in the pool or in the sea.

One of the questions that we have done on the issue is When you can bathe the baby for the first time at the pool or in the sea. So, Babies and has made a publication answer all questions.

The first bathroom

It is recommended that the first baby bath, either in the pool or in the sea, sea from the 6 months of age. There are even those who do not recommend to first year as in Belgium, the risk of infections and allergies.

In Spain there is no recommended age, but matronatación is recommended whenever hygiene and water facilities are suitable for small babies practice.

Nor does it imply that before six months you may not bring the baby to water, Wash it all down with your hand or play with your feet in the water with the necessary precautions.

For the Sun

Before six months, babies are extremely vulnerable to sun exposure and not advisable to use protective sunscreens, but to use physical barriers (shirt, umbrella, hat). So, the best recommendation is to keep the baby in the shade and not in the sea or swimming pool in full sun ray.

For the water

Seawater is more beneficial for the skin that chlorinated water. Anyway, the newborn's skin is very sensitive, and saltpeter could make you itch.

Meanwhile, the pool water contains chlorine and other chemicals that can affect the baby's delicate skin. further, the pools, especially those who come many people, son broth culture of microorganisms which can cause skin irritation or cause infections in the eyes and ears baby.

If your baby has atopic dermatitis or eczema is preferable to wait a few more months for the first dip in the pool.

Anyway, remember that Bathrooms should not exceed 10 minutes, try not to get water in your eyes or ears and always baby shower with fresh water after bathing to remove any remaining chlorine or saltpeter.

inflatable pool, when?


A resource that parents use a lot is the inflatable pool with a little water to cool the baby and can play there quietly with their toys without splashing or wave movements.

Water, if tap, best. If seawater, what we were saying before, check that tolerates salt and rinse after bathing. In any case, renew the water frequently.

The baby should always be able to sit by itself and of course, which is guarded at all times. Remember that a few centimeters of water are enough to cause drowning.

Now comes the query: my baby has 5 months, Can you swim in an inflatable pool? If you can not avoid waiting until six months of age, nothing will happen for a few days, But above all, common sense and take all steps. He should I bathe accompanied by an adult, just a few minutes to cool without catch cold, with something warm tap water and shade.

I hope these tips you may fully enjoy the first swim in the pool or in the sea with your baby.

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