bellies painted: Many ideas for your tummy!

More and more moms who decide to paint your belly during pregnancy, either with a drawing that symbolizes something important to them as, simply, as an aesthetic whim to make an original photograph. ¡Mira all these painted bellies!


Article and pictures of my baby and I.

What are the benefits painted belly?

Painted belly in pregnancy It is not just a fad due to aesthetic reasons, but also it may be beneficial to the mother from the psychological point of view, since it helps the pregnant to accept changes in your body and to establish a emotional bonding with baby who she is in her womb, with which you can somehow "connect" through the symbolism of the image on her tummy plasma.

Likewise, painted bellies can involve the whole family, from the couple, If it is a more or less creative person and you want to put his art in his future child, and potential siblings or greater hermanitas, they can also help decorate the "little house" in which the future baby lives, an aspect that can help create an emotional bond between brothers before birth or, in any case, to mitigate possible celitos the firstborn.

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What paints used to paint the belly in pregnancy?

To paint your pregnant belly, You need specific paints body painting, with an aqueous base and hypoallergenic. Anyway, to avoid inconvenience or Unwanted skin reactions, it is best that you do a little test before, Apply yourself some paint on the inside of the elbow or wrist.

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