Forbidden foods in the diet of infants under one year.

In this current article Babies and More, you will know the time to start with supplementary feeding, a challenge for small, you have to get used to a whole new world of textures and flavors, until recently, a real headache for dads complicated and strict guidelines for introducing the food they gave us pediatricians. Now things have changed and babies They can eat almost everything from the age of six months. There are only a few forbidden foods before the first year.

big fish

For its content mercury, in children under three years should be avoided consumption swordfish or emperor, shark, lucio, dogfish, shark and tuna (in children 3 a 12 years ago., limit it to 50 gr./semana the 100 gr./2 weeks and not consume any more of the same category in the same week). further, because of the of cadmium, children under three years should avoid regular consumption ofshrimp heads, prawns and scampi or the body of crustaceansCrab-like.


Not suitable for your kidneys in the process of maturation.Another compelling reason to avoid drinking alcohol is that children do not need us to add additives to find tasty food, because for them the taste of the potato, carrot or meat is completely new. If we want to get used to identify different foods and know the taste of each, better than nothing interferes with that process.

If we potitos, we watch that do not carry salt in their composition for less than one year and if, from this age, we want to add some to your meals (always in small quantities and the later the better) to be iodized. They are not recommended either pickled vegetables and certain preserved, salted meats and sausages, Data broth or soup powder. Eye with seemingly harmless foods that give them babies, such as chicken or turkey cold cuts. They are not a recommended food for them, because it is processed first and second meat because usually carry much salt.

In the case of processed foods, is considered:

  • High salt content: 1,25 gr. the salt 0,5 gr. sodium per 100 gr. product
  • Low salt: less than 0,25 grs. the salt 0,1 sodium per 100 grs. product

Spinach and chard as a single dish

The Spanish Agency for Food Safety recommends, For caution, not to spinach or collards to babies before the first year of life. for its content nitrates. Should include these vegetables before the year, we must ensure that the content of spinach and / or chard is not greater than 20% the total content of the food ration. Between 1 Y 3 years is recommended not to give more than one serving of these vegetables a day and avoid drinking alcohol in children suffering from gastrointestinal infections.


It is dangerous because it can cause botulism, a rare disease (in Spain are given 110 cases per year), but can be very dangerous. further, it is recommended not to offer until at least 3 years for being very cariogénica.

Whole nuts

They are small, Round not melt in the mouth, so the nuts are one of the most likely food cause suffocation. Experts recommend not give them whole to the 3-5 years and always with caution. Nuts can be taken from the 6 months milled in different preparations. Also beware round solid foods assausages or whole grapes (must be cut along) and other hard foods like raw carrot or apple. eye also popcorn, the recommendations are the same as for nuts.

low fat foods, creamed

Infants in full growth stage, they need fat (healthy) to grow. You should avoid these foods until the 3-5 years ago..

Whole milk and dairy products

By excess protein and minerals they contain and which can be harmful to a baby's kidneys. Breast milk has about 1 gr. protein per 100 ml. (the more of formula), whereas cow's milk has 3,3 gr. For each 100 ml. Babies are not able to fully digest because their kidneys are unable to filter out excess nutrients you are getting. further, can cause anemia because decreases iron absorption.

Meat, Underdone fish and egg

Never offer these raw or cooked foods below 70 degrees, temperature that pathogenic microorganisms are destroyed. Must wait until 3-5 years ago., the same as the little cured cheeses made from raw milk, since it is possible to heat or curing process of these foods has not eliminated the risk of presence of pathogenic bacteria such as Salmonella, campylobacter, listeria or E. coli.

Remember that these recommendations also go for the fried egg, the boiled egg and raw egg that can be found in preparations such as merengue or homemade mayonnaise. Omelets or scrambled eggs can take them from you whole egg is entered, cuajados always well to avoid the risk of salmonellosis.


Children under 6 years should not consume meat from animals hunted with lead ammunition or its derivatives because it causes neuronal damage.

Superfluous sugar and food

The sugar, under any of its names, It is a totally unnecessary food, both in the diet of children and of adults. It is cariogenic, demineralises, does nothing nutritionally, It is addictive and is also directly associated with childhood obesity. So, the aim is to delay its introduction as possible and never before the first year (You can know the sweet flavors through fruit). Same for sugary foods like jams superfluous, cocoa and chocolate, puddings and dairy desserts, cookies or pastries.

Given this list of forbidden foods during the first year of life, our baby will be ready to start trying almost everything from six months.

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