Carlos Baute THANK YOU RECEIPT collectors ROSABEL.

We would like to thank this great composer and Venezuelan singer for sending the video with our products. We love to hear that he and his wife are happy that their son Markuss enjoy our Baute Klisans light collection in light blue. Thank you very much.



This collection is designed and created for smaller and smaller as it has a very soft touch thanks to its manufacturing cottons and blends national origin because our products are manufactured in Spain. Luz Collection It is timeless so that they can enjoy with the passage of time and in this way we can use even one generation to another thanks to its quality.



Rosabel collection is largely characterized by the originality, the duration of each of the furniture, ergonomics, colors, design, variety, safety… But above all security because we always work according to American and European standards.


Make your baby sleep PRONTO Y COMFORTABLY.

If you want a mini cradle that has the advantage of easily move it and that in itself might be smart not hesitate to visit the Davis page. His gentle rocking facilitates sleep baby. It has a variety of different colors, plus you can customize it with the name of your child.

This mini crib is easy to assemble and make no tools needed. It is a high-quality furniture made of fiberboard wood and lacquered with non-toxic varnishes. It is totally safe, It is approved in accordance with European standards and American.

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